A Healthy Start for the Mom and for the Baby

Updated: May 20, 2019

Joy Ramos-Buenviaje, RND MSc

Good nutrition starts in the utero. A mom needs to have enough stores of nutrients for herself and for the baby. Baby’s nutrition inside the womb depends solely on the mom. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy is a key for a healthy mom and baby.

Higher nutrient requirements are needed by pregnant woman. However, proper nourishment during pregnancy is hard to achieve as cravings are unpredictable plus the fact that vomiting is common especially during the first trimester. Also, there is a misperception that a pregnant woman should eat for two persons due to the baby, thus, she tends to overeat. Based on the recommendation, only 300 calories should be added from the normal recommended energy intake (1860 calories).

There are certain nutrients which are highly important during pregnancy:

· Folate – reduces risk of birth defects

· Iron – helps reduce anemia of the mom

· Calcium – important for the development of baby’s bones and teeth. If a pregnant woman does not have enough calcium, it is taken from her bones for the baby’s development

· Vitamin A and C- help strengthen the immune system

· Fiber – Important to have a healthy gut

These nutrients can be found in certain food items:

· Folate and other B vitamins – green leafy vegetables, nuts, apple

· Iron – malunggay, meat

· Calcium – soy milk, sardines, dairy

· Vitamin A- yellow vegetables like squash and carrots

· Vitamin C – fruits

· Fiber- fruits and vegetables

It is not recommended for pregnant women to try popular diets such as keto, intermittent fasting and low carb. Better to consult a nutritionist-dietitian for appropriate diets. For private consultation, please contact Ms. Buenviaje at 09215114952.

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